The driving range at Reddeman public golf course is perfect for grooving the swing and preparing the game for the perils of the course itself.The range may be just what the game needs.How much time is enough time practicing on the driving range?

driving range

Golf can be an expensive sport and with the loss of golf balls it can be downright frustrating. Combat that with some time on the driving range at Reddeman.We offer golf instruction and lessons.

Not just hitting the driver for two hours straight. Mix in a wedge or a long iron, perhaps a hybrid. Most PGA golf instructors will tell you that the driver should be the least practiced club in your bag. The focus should be on your scoring clubs such as putters, wedges and irons from inside of 150 yards.

Be careful not to over do it. The moment fatigue starts to set in it is time to put the clubs away and maybe roll some puts and cold beverage. Practicing for two hours on the driving range is plenty and remember to spread the time and attention to more than just one club.