A One hour golf Lesson with the Course PGA Pro May Be the Solution.

Sometimes one golf lesson can change the way a golfer plays their game. Think about all the time spent on the range trying to fix that slice and after 150 golf balls all that was accomplished was a workout. Reddeman Farms Golf Course in Washtenaw County has an onsite PGA Pro that offers golf lesson options.

golf lesson

Seeking out the local PGA Professional in the area may be the cure. The knowledge and skills that they possess will help cure that slice and help provide some more enjoyment when playing this great game. Keep in mind that it may take some time for this to happen, but in the end the results will not disappoint.

Learning why the slice happens is half the battle. Being able to fix it takes time and patience. The local PGA professionals throughout the country will be able to diagnose and show why the slice occurs and provide drills and solutions to fix the technique in the swing that causes the dreaded slice. So don’t spend another minute trying to fix the slice without the help of a local PGA Golf Professional Golf Lesson..